Rock-E-billy Guitars™

Cigar Box Guitars, Rebuilds & Airbrush Painting

Handmade in Estes Park, Colorado. Connect with us to chat about ordering your one-of-a-kind guitar today!


Lost City

Lost City 4 string CBG. Mahogany neck, limited edition Cigar Box (commemorating an Andy Garcia movie) Telecaster single coil neck pick-up, Humbucker at the bridge, Ebony mandolin bridge & hand made tailpiece. The tuning keys & control knobs are gold skulls.

6 String CBG

Professional grade 6 String CBG. Rock Maple neck w/ truss rod. Note the lightning bolt behind the tuners & my registered Trademark – “Rock-E-billy” on the headstock. (gettin’ professional, eh) Humbucker pick-up and solid brass bridge bolted direct to the ‘neck-through’ design. Between the brass nut & fixed brass bridge, this thing has got GREAT sustain & tone. 


Named -‘Tullycaster’ (after my Son Tully), I made this Solid body electric from 150 year old barn wood reclaimed from Elk Horn Stables in Estes Park Colorado. These guitars are available on a very limited 1-off custom commission basis. Priced ($1000. to $3000.) depending on hardware, electronics & added graphics or paint effects. Who’s your Daddy!

The Skunk

Named Skunk – born in th’ Attic of a Log Cabin, Rocky Mtn. National Park. This is O’Reilly’s personal Slide Guitar. Brass Resonator dish, Humbucker pick-up, fretless oak neck, Brass bridge & nut. Know how ya make a Skunk scream ? Stuff a 100w Amp up his -*#*!  .


The Patriot

Airbrushing shows off the “Action” & movement of what our Flag has been through, eh ? Brass tailpiece & bridge installed – ready to string up. Note the L.R. Baggs Humbucker electric pick-up. This is a Very Powerful transducer magnetic pick-up with a Loud Voice ! (Notice my Signature on the label inside marked with my Blood) Yeah – I gave at the door….

Classic Flames

This Strat was painted for a Maui Blues musician named Vince Esquire. Kids a HOT guitarist – so a Flaming Strat was apropos.


Strat was painted for ‘Middle-John’ Whilmes on Maui. Design reflects the Chinese astrological symbols of himself & his wife. Paint work done with $$$ color changing urethane.